Northern Regional Course

Northern Regional Course details:


Course date: 22nd April 2018

Will be held at the Concord Sports Centre S5 6AE (10 min drive from M1) we will be training in the lower sports hall between 11AM to 2PM the fee will be no more than £10 per person and the course is open to JKAE members only.


Warm regards

Neil Hirst Chief Instructor

Northern Regional Course

Dear students


Please note that our regional JKAE course will be held on 22 April in Sheffield. As a club we are fortunate that our founder is now our regional officer and we expect all club members to support the event organised by sensei Luis. We will be posting more data on the event in the near future so please make all the effort to come and train with JKAE chief instructor Ohta sensei. Many thanks for your continued support.


Neil Hirst – club chief instructor

New Fees

Please note that as from the 1st of April our new training fees will be £5.00 per session, sorry for any inconvenience this my have caused but training fees have not risen since the club was first opened.